Easy payday loans loans – Get up to € 60,000

Private loans are financing products offered by non-banking companies that will allow us to carry out our projects regardless of the amount we need. Here we can compare the best private loans without endorsement and get financing without putting any property as collateral:

What private loans can I request?

Private personal loans are those offered by non-bank private equity entities. These companies gained much prominence in the market after the closing of the credit tap that the banks made because of the crisis in 2008. Many new lender companies emerged and began to offer alternatives to the banking to obtain financing, also expanding the offer of products financial These are the main private loans without endorsement that we can request:

  • Mini-credits: these products are used to face unexpected payments that have to be solved urgently as a breakdown or the payment of a traffic ticket. Its speed of concession allows us to have the money in a matter of minutes. The amount that we can obtain with them reaches up to 1,000 euros if we are new customers and 1,200 euros if we have already requested a loan with the same entity. Its price is around 1.1% daily and has a repayment period that usually does not exceed 30 days, in which we will have to return the loaned capital and interest generated in a single payment.
  • Quick Credits: if it were the case that the capital that we can request with the mini-loans does not cover our needs, but we still need cash urgently, fast loans are a good option. Its processing is as fast as that of the aforementioned products, but they will contribute up to 4,000 euros that we can return in monthly payments ranging from 3 months to 3 and a half years depending on the company. The price of these products ranges between 3% and 12% per month, although it will depend on the amount requested and the entity we go to.
  • Private loans without the endorsement of large amounts: These products are useful to finance large projects of our private life, such as the purchase of a car or a reform of our home. The price of these loans is around 8.5% APR as confirmed by the Bank of Spain and they have a much longer term, which can reach 10 years. With them, we can get up to 100,000 euros without having to provide any endorsement, depending on the company with which we request them.
  • Consumer loans: these loans are granted by large stores such as shopping centers or specialized electronics and home stores. With them, we will obtain the product that we want to buy and not the money itself. The financing that we can obtain from these companies is very varied, being able to get very advantageous offers.

Depending on our situation, we will have to opt for one type of financial product or another. To know which one to choose, it is advisable to carry out an analysis of our own economic situation and our ability to pay. Thus, we will know our need for financing and the fee we can assume to reimburse monthly.

What are the advantages of private loans with a guarantee?

The credits offered by private entities have conditions similar to those offered by banks. However, there are a number of differences that can be advantageous for your customers, which we proceed to list:

  1. More flexible award criteria: private loans without collateral are easier to obtain than bank products. Sometimes, it is possible to get loans even if we appear in a database of defaults, which is impossible if we go to a bank.
  2. No fees: while the vast majority of Spanish banks apply opening and study fees to their loans, many private equity entities will not require this type of extra cost.
  3. Greater speed of concession: the private lenders have adapted with greater speed to the new technologies, what has done that streamlines the process of request and analysis of the profile.
  4. Online application: we can access easy payday loans, easy as 1-2-3 without having to go to an office. We only need to have access to the Internet to get financing.

In addition to the above, when dealing with private loans without property, we will not have to involve third parties who assume the loan payment if we can not do it or deposit a good as a guarantee of payment. However, in the event that we comment on a non-payment of the credit installments, we could suffer an embargo of our present and future assets, that is, our future income and the savings we have.

What are the requirements to obtain private personal loans?

Although the criteria for granting private loans without endorsement are much later than those that will be imposed on us if we go to a bank, we will have to adjust to a series of conditions to obtain these financial products. The companies that lend money will decide what requirements they impose on us, so these may vary between entities, but generally, these will be:

  • Being of legal age and permanently resident in Spain
  • Hold a current account
  • Have enough, frequent and justifiable income
  • Do not have pending debts registered in an unpaid file

Although some entities offer loans for people who are in ASNEF, the debt for which we appear must meet two conditions: not exceed the limit established by the company to which we go and not have a financial origin. If our default complies with these requirements, we can obtain financing without problems.

Are there free private credits?

Yes. The enormous competition that exists in the financial market since the emergence of private equity entities has produced a huge bidding struggle. As borrowers, we can take advantage of these promotions to obtain financing with very favorable conditions, even to be able to obtain private loans without endorsement and without interest of any kind.

Despite the fact that many large commercial areas offer us interest-free financing so that we can acquire their products, this practice is also common in entities that offer mini-credits. With these promotions, we can get cash and reimburse it without having to return anything more than the loaned capital, without interest and without having to report the purpose that we are going to give to the money.

To access these offers, we must be new customers of that entity. In case we have already requested a mini loan with that lender, we will have to contribute the usual interests of that product.

What is financial sanitation?

Image result for financialIn this modern life, in one way or another, we all have some kind of outstanding debt to pay. However, due to various circumstances, it is also common that little by little accumulate several credits and periodic payments that damage personal finances and heal them is not easy.

Although it can happen over many years, sometimes a point comes when a person realizes that almost all of their income is already destined for the payment of debts. This generates a vicious circle from which it is possible to exit through the financial sanitation.

What does it consist of?

The idea is simple and similar to refinancing, which we discussed in a previous article. This process consists of a debt being renegotiated, usually with a little increase in interest, but in smaller payments and for a longer period to facilitate its settlement.

Financial consolidation consists of consolidating several debts into one- redirected here. Thus, whoever requests it will only make payments to a single financial institution, instead of several. Also, you will only have one concept for which you make payments or for which a payroll discount is made.

In short, financial consolidation is a loan to pay debts with other institutions.

In this way, a greater part of the income will be available for daily life and only what is necessary will be used to pay the new debt, which will eventually be settled.

Greater benefits

There are two great advantages of opting for financial sanitation:

  1. More time to pay. Since the debts are consolidated in the same, although the total amount is immense, the term to settle it is greater, since the payments are much lower than the total dedicated before to multiple debts. This is how income is released, with which the quality of life improves and stress decreases.
  2. Do not harm your credit history. By having a financial consolidation plan, the credit history is maintained in optimal conditions, since it helps evade delays since it is easier to pay the amounts of a single credit than those of various debts.

It is only necessary to consult with the financial institution that you want to manage the process. They will help you and facilitate everything, as well as be responsible for reviewing what agreements exist that allow you to do financial sanitation.

He wanted to welcome his girlfriend with candles … and burned down his house!


fire-house-romantic Today I will start with an unpopular recommendation. If I were someone who wears an elegant suit and has an office on the top floor of an insurance company building, I would raise the possibility of charging surcharges to the romantics . Yes, I know it sounds ugly and even discriminatory, but it is that the romantics are sooooo dangerous, that any warning seems small to me . Do not you believe me? Well there goes a dose of reality about them (us), signed by a man who has burned part of his house for a show of love.

Amanj Issen is a 29-year-old Kurdish gentleman who is caught up in love for Jana Stankeviciute , a 24-year-old Latvian woman who was returning to her home in the county of Kent (United Kingdom) after spending a month with her family in the recommended Baltic country. Amanj decided to prepare a beautiful welcome, with flowers, champagne and candles , such was the way he had missed Jana during his absence.

The man arranged the candles in the shape of a heart, with an arrow crossing him from right to left and with the name of Jana as an epilogue. Half an hour before Jana arrived home, she lit them, found that the champagne was cold and impatiently came down to the door of the house to await the arrival of the girl.

However, the plans went to poor Amanj a few minutes later. He heard a loud explosion, turned and saw his house on fire . According to one of the firefighters who came to end the fire, “most likely the candles were near something flammable or burn easily, a carpet or curtains. People place these candles directly on the carpets, without an adequate candle holder and the heat they give off can cause a fire .

The room of Amanj and Jana was burnt, but the young woman, after the initial shock, recognizes that the romantic gesture of her partner is worth more than a thousand screw-ups . The man, on the other hand, made his story public “in case it can be useful to someone, to be careful with the candles” and assured that he will repeat the romantic act, “but maybe only with flowers, champagne and chocolates …” . And is that love, in addition to becoming a little dumb sometimes, also burns. Take note of it, insurance companies.

A teacher appeared drunk and without pants on her first day of classes

 Lorie Ann Hill has a posse of Zelda Rubinstein, the medium Tangina Barrons of ‘Poltergeist’ , the small and unattractive lady who invited the girl Carol Ann to walk towards the light. It happens that Hill is not a medium, but a teacher, and instead of asking the children to go to the light, he taught them that the combination of alcohol + work does not mix well . The incident in question took place last June, but it is now that the whole story has come to light.

Hill was premiered as a teacher at the Wagoner High School in Phoenix and had a great entry into her new job. The lady appeared cooked like a shrimp and without pants to teach her first lessons at the institute. Take it now! That is a sense of duty and opportunity. Is there something more underground than appearing drunk and half-dressed on your first day of work?

Luckily for the lady, someone saw her before entering the classroom and avoided the eternal mockery of her students. They took her to the staff room, gave her some shorts and waited for the cogorza to pass . They also called the police, since being a newbie they still did not know what the new teacher was . Upon arriving at the institute, “we found her quite disoriented,” according to Bob Haley, chief of police. “They had already got him shorts. Other teachers did not know who he was, he’s new and I’m supposed to start working there .

Mrs. Hill confessed to the police that she had drunk vodka before arriving at work, something that was attested by a cup they found in her car and that, apparently, reeked of alcohol. At least it’s honest, hell! A small dose of good example for their students, to confess their failures.

The incident, of course, raised a tremendous stir at the institute. Everyone wanted to know the identity of the new teacher! To cushion the impact of the drunkenness, the director had the fortunate idea to close a few days, so he managed to calm the mood and gave Hill a few days of anonymity that will have come wonderfully. By the way, the lady will have won a little to her students, because thanks to their occurrence they had an improvised mini-vacation. Oh, Lorie, come to light, please.

Run away from home because a ghost steals your underwear

Pauline-Hickson What prompts a person to move seven times from home in just two years ? I, who only made one move, I remember how terribly hard it is, so I imagine that there will be a very powerful reason behind so much change of house. In the case of our protagonist today, the motive is not normal, but paranormal . Her name is Pauline Hickson and she has lived in seven different residences to try to escape from a perverse ghost.

Pauline is a 58-year-old Briton who has been the victim of a spirit that became obsessed with her in such a way that she stole her underwear (?).   “I came home from work and found all my underwear rustling on the bed. Over time, I realized that my panties and bras were disappearing . I also noticed that someone got into my shower, because all windows were fogged and the bathroom was all wet, “ is the ‘heartbreaking’ analysis of the facts made by the lady, who says that at first she did not suspect that he rummaged around and stole the lingerie and whoever used his bathroom at his discretion was a ghost, but “I thought it was a joke from my family” .

The events began two years ago, when he went to live in Hull. The frequency of the ‘apparitions’ was increasing, so much so that Pauline spent many nights in a nearby hotel “because she was too scared to go home” . So, he decided to pack and go to Cambridge … but the happy and perverted ghost left behind his steps !! Solution? Go back to Hull, with no effectiveness, because the spectrum followed her wherever she went.

After almost two years of uneasiness, Mrs. Hickson decided to turn to an expert, the ghost hunter Steve Kneeshaw (?). The gentleman, with a brief exorcism session by means of hypnosis , seems to have hit the key and let off the spectrum that frightened his client. Count Ghostbuster who in full exorcism experienced how a blast of cold air ran through his body, “before seeing a big man and a boy about 14 years old away from Pauline . Take it now! Can not Steve, exorcise Europe to scare the crisis once and for all, good man? Moreover, can not you schedule a hypnosis session to calm those who are perpetrating the massacres of children in Gaza? Use your power to do good on a large scale, Steve.

Apparently, and since there is no better medicine than placebo, except for the Espidifen (excuse the wedge), Pauline has not experienced any paranormal activity in her home since the exorcist’s visit . Moreover, he says that he has completely renewed his underwear and that nobody has dared to stir it up and then steal it. -_or.

This chicken keeps a ‘secret’ under its crest


dirty_bird I have always been curious about the meanings of the logos . The story behind many of them. Like the mythical rivalry between the Dassler brothers, which was reflected when it came to creating their two sports brands: Adidas (by Adi Das (sler)) and Dassler Puma. Or the meaning behind the smile of the Amazon logo (from A to Z, to give the impression of an almost infinite catalog of products).

Among the dozens that I have seen, one of the ones that has caught my attention most is that of a fast food chain in Cardiff (Wales). By its name, Dirty Bird (‘ Dirty Bird ‘), although they are dedicated to cooking chickens, the thing could be funny. The really interesting thing about this brand is under the crest of the capon: a piece of member that neither ‘El cipote de Archidona’ !!! (or almost).

And it is that the loguito de marras has flats (for not using balls ). If we analyze carefully all its ‘parts’ (go with the vocabulary, another shot in the target), the emblem is a penis disguised as chicken (luckily it has a forelock because the wordplay would have been traca), however much the Designers of the drawing deny the greatest .

Several customers of the franchise asked by a British media have given the same answer: it has little bird and a lot of virile organ. So much so that a young mother was horrified (or that she had seen the devil) to observe that her two children were watching the logo carefully with eyes like dishes . Maybe they liked the feathers.

For its part, a spokesman for Dirty Bird has ensured that the design plays with the D and B of the company name and that any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence. If we add to this that the slogans most used by the brand are: ” Touch my thigh ” and ” Touch my breast ” … I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

These ducks parade like the best battalion


ducks_desfilando What this Russian farmer is worth studying. His ability to direct several dozen ducks is unparalleled . Have you learned from Babe, the brave little pig ? (*)

The fact is that ‘Mr. Duck ‘must be a notoriety in the region where he resides because some neighbors who are in search of fame have recorded and hung the piece on Youtube. The video takes 1,300,000 viewings in just over four days. It is not bad the figure to see parade a few birds, yes, in perfect formation. Some battalions would like to march with such hierarchy.

In the recording you can observe the energetic ‘Lord Pato’ giving an order ( Let’s go !!! , in Russian) and as if by art of whirling, in a matter of seconds, all the ducks are heading directly towards the barn door . Next to this gentleman, the Pied Piper of Hamelin is a mere amateur.

They design educational panties … and antilujuria

 What the hell is wrong with the designers of undergarments lately? After the ridiculous – with pardon – of the penekini and the joke of bad taste of the matatanga, arrives the feminine underwear with educative aims and, I fear that by way of collateral damage, antilujuria. And it comes in two versions: bra and bragafaja .

I remember that as a child I never paid as much attention in the anatomy classes as the days we talked about the genital organs, that’s how simple I am. It’s not that I found them especially attractive, it was just to satisfy a curiosity. I suspect that something similar must have happened to Eleanor Beth Haswell , the 18-year-old girl who has designed the models we talked about. He has created a collection called ‘Why are you so afraid of your own anatomy?’ , in which he explores the female genitals with pretty instructive drawings.

In the panties -shoes, put on as they are- flesh color, the girl precisely details the location of the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the vagina, the uterus and the cervix. I just miss an arrow with the exact position of the clitoris , something that surely many people would appreciate, you understand me. The same flesh color used for the bra, in which a very subtle drawing explains what the nipple is and what the areola is, without more.

At the moment, these designs can only be seen in exhibitions and Eleanor has not yet planned to take them out for sale. Thank you! It is also true that both garments could work as an antiviagra or as a bromide that they say they threw in the food the boys who did the military, in those years when I was still crawling in diapers. I am convinced that they would work.

A guy refuses to see his mother … because she’s so ugly!

 But, but, but … we had not been in that all the mothers are pretty? I’m not talking about manual-type MILFs Adriana Lima or the blonde with the bad grape face of the front door, who also, but I understood that, at least for their children, all mothers are beautiful and wonderful. This assertion, which I gave for absolute truth, as much as the Sun rises in the East and is hidden in the West, has just been declared false in all falsehood by a Chinese citizen . Geez with the Chinese, they not only know how to copy, and cheaper, whatever someone produces, they have also come to the world to dismantle theories!

The issue is that in China there is the woman who for her son is so ugly that he is even ashamed of her . What a piece of cretin (and I save the expletive that the body asks me to use to mention the crust)! Ding Liang is the name of the unfortunate lady, who as soon as she found out that she had just been a grandmother, ran off to the hospital to see her grandson and to hug her son , who was the father of the newborn.

After a journey of almost five hours from his town to the city of Hangzhou, the drama hit Mrs. Ding as soon as she arrived at the hospital. She was excited that her son would welcome her with open arms and share his happiness with her, but reality hit him with excessive cruelty . It turns out that the father of the newborn did not come to receive it and asked the doctors not to allow him to approach him and his baby. The reason? “That is very ugly . Thus, without hindrance and with less shame than Jordi Pujol, the gentleman denied his mother the possibility of hugging, kissing and cuddling his grandson. You have to be riffraff!

It is true that Liang is not particularly good looking , but he is not an orc either. And if it was, it does not matter, fool! What is your mother, foolish! With his rejection, Mrs. Ding’s son has achieved a remarkable (negative) popularity in his region. Newspapers, televisions and radios have dedicated space to this unusual story and have poured their pages and programs with words not very complimentary and well deserved for the recent father, who starts off giving very bad example to his child. I hope you have inherited the beauty of your mother but your son treats you better than you do to her, blown from three to the fourth.

A young German tries to empty a lake to recover … his smartphone!

Everyone knows the ‘love’ and the devotion that some people have for their mobile phone, but what about this 16-year-old German boy is unparalleled. The young man allegedly installed two electric pumps to dry a small recreational lake due to the refusal of the owner of the idyllic spot to hire divers to recover the “precious booty” . Not that it was the Costa Concordia !!! If you do that for a smartphone (and your contact list), what will be able to ‘machine’ for other reasons?

The rocambolesco ‘case of the submarine mobile’ began when the young man fell through an oversight his lavish phone (valued at about 150 euros) to the quiet waters of a particular pond in Meppen (Lower Saxony). After some inquiries, he located his owner, Hans-Hermann Kremer, 52, who asked him urgently to find a team of divers to find the gadget. ” He (boy) commented that money was not a problem, that his mother would run with all the expenses, ” the man told a local newspaper. But Kremer considered the plan totally absurd and gave the talk finished. A fatal mistake that would cost you dearly a few hours later.

As the owner’s reasons did not convince ‘Mr. Mobile ‘, decided to take action immediately. With two friends, although not yet proven, they installed two pumps to dry out the small lagoon. Two 230V devices to take out … 1,800,000 liters of water !!! But what were these guys thinking? That it was believed that emptying a pond 80 meters long, 15 meters wide and almost two deep is like removing the sink plug . Almas de cántaro !!!

The portable service next to the lake.

The ‘drainage trio’ developed a perfect job if we except that one of the gums drained directly into a portable toilet of Mr. Kremer. OO I do not give more details, the ‘tsunami of feces’ was already served . By injecting uncontrolled liquid into a cesspit, in a few minutes, the service became a small geyser . If you see the protagonist of Wells of ambition is believed to have found oil, yes, with a more nauseating smell.

As for the other bomb, it transformed the beautiful surrounding landscape into the Shrek swamp . I imagine the face of Mr. Kremer to catch the ‘workers’ with their hands in the dough and categorically deny that they had installed ‘the destruction team’. The fact is that the night run will come out for an eye of the face, as the environmental disaster allegedly caused by young people (rain of feces), we must add some damage valued at about 4,000 euros and a crime of theft of electricity (they connected the equipment to the lake owner’s network). Will the kid’s mother have enough money to pay for such nonsense?

The most indiscrete bathroom in the world

banohotelbikini In today’s chapter of ‘Barrabasadas de la arquitectura’ we are not going to skin the admired by many Le Corbusier, the man who preferred concrete to trees for squares and parks. Today we are going to talk about the hotel Bikini Berlin, of the 25hours chain . In my eyes of profane in the matter, the design is precious to me inside and regulero on the outside. Modern, suggestive and impressive. So impressive that if you walk around its surroundings you can contemplate without qualms how any of its guests make use of the bathroom of one of its restaurants, the Monkey Bar . Why such cruelty for those who come there with physiological urgencies and for passersby who have to see it?

For some reason that will address a modernism that I do not understand, the restaurant designer installed transparent glass windows from the floor to the roof of the bathrooms, regardless of the street and the height of the building is not enough as to avoid that the users are pasture from the looks of others . Your reasons will have the gentleman, or not, that there are those who act because they do, without coming to mind. Read the rest of the entry »

A woman forgets a sex toy in her vagina for ten years


The intense pains in the lower abdomen and a pronounced difficulty at the time of urinating caused a 38-year-old Scottish woman to go to the hospital to see what could happen to her. Reviewing the patient’s x-rays, the doctors were stunned to see that her vagina housed a dildo almost 12 centimeters long, according to the journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

When the doctors asked how the ‘curious object’ had gotten there, the lady recalled that a decade ago she had a crazy night of sex and debauchery with her partner , which also went hand in hand with alcohol. The result: the dildo ‘lived comfortably’ in his most intimate area for two decades. The best of all is that he did not know and gave the sex toy for lost. Stranded was but in an absolutely unexpected place.

Indiana Jones The ‘toy’ has produced a series of problems such as a rare vesico-vaginal fistula (the name gives a bit of funk) and serious difficulties to do their needs correctly. One of the members of the medical team stated that it was the first time he had encountered a case of this nature . ” It seems very strange that such a large object can go unnoticed. The vagina is full of nerve endings and is extremely sensitive, “he said.

Maybe the woman had a few solo revels of not wagging, and until she felt uncomfortable and with real pain, she did not think it was strange to ‘get a hundred’ without coming to mind . And your partner? Well, I guess I was shocked to see that your girl had such a special ‘surprise tenant’ .

P.S. The story will not deny me that it serves as a script for an ‘adventures’ movie. What title would you put? I leave you one: In search of the lost dildo . Yes, I admit, I’m a big fan of Indiana Jones.

Christian does feel envious of Messi Cristiano gets rid of prison

Many people have asked in the last week of where Florentino Pérez is taking out in this time of crisis the money to finance his new mega project in Real Madrid.


The answer is clear: the banks; the same ones that are denying loans to SMEs and families.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Caja Madrid, whose real control is held by the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, and Banco Santander, chaired by Emilio Botín, have not hesitated to lend, between them, 150 million euros to the white club, which has used the money to sign his first two galactic: Kaka (67 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo (94 million).

It is curious to see that the board of directors of these entities has approved the loan if we take into account that in the first quarter of the year they have lost money due to delinquency.


In addition to the granting of these loans, Florentino is preparing a new “pelotazo” with the construction of some four thousand underground parking spaces in the Santiago Bernabéu. Will ACS, the construction company that presides, be the concessionaire for the execution of the work? Bet on it.



Army, justice, taxes … What do you suppose and what will affect the closure of the US Government?


Senado de EE UU

The Capitol building in Washington DC, at sunset this January 19. EFE

The United States Government initiated a partial closure of its activities at midnight on Friday due to lack of funds to finance them after Republicans and Democrats did not reach a budget agreement in Congress.

In these closures, government employees are vulnerable to the possibility of ending up receiving a suspension in the form of temporary unpaid leave . Other “essential” workers, including those dealing with public safety and national security, continue to work, some with pay, others without pay.

The last closure of the US federal administration, in October 2013, lasted more than two weeks. More than 800,000 federal employees were suspended. This is what happened then and what the authorities estimate will happen now.

The army

The army

Waiting to verify the practical consequences of this closure, the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, warned that some military operations will be suspended pending funds, although the lack of budget will not affect the war in Afghanistan or the State Islamic in Iraq and Syria.

All military personnel on active duty would remain in normal service status, but would not be paid for the period of closure until Congress has the funds allocated. Civil personnel in non-essential operations will receive a temporary discharge.

At the last closure, military personnel continued with their normal state of service, but approximately half of the 800,000 civilian employees of the Department of Defense received the unpaid leave . Almost all of them were convened a week after the Department of Defense implemented the “Pay Our Army” Law, which had recently been approved by Congress.



Faced with this closure, the Department of Justice, with many “essential” workers, has a contingency plan, according to which about 95,000 of the almost 115,000 employees of the department would continue working.

Financial supervision

Financial supervision

The Securities Market Commission of the Government of the Securities Market finances itself through the collection of the financial industry, but its budget is established by Congress. It has been said in the past that it could continue operations temporarily in a close. But he would have to fire the workers if Congress passed weeks before approving new funds.

If a lockout occurs, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would have to lay off 95 percent of its employees immediately. A spokeswoman for the agency said the derivatives regulator could call additional staff, however, in case of financial market emergency.

National Parks

National Parks

In 2013, national parks closed and night visitors had two days to leave, resulting in a loss of 750,000 daily visitors, according to the National Parks Conservation Association. National Parks Conservation Association. The National Park Service estimated that the closure cost $ 500 million in lost visitors in areas around parks and Smithsonian museums.

Washington Sightseeing

Washington Sightseeing

Popular tourist sites such as the Smithsonian closed in 2013, and barricades were installed at the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress and the National Archives. The National Zoo closed, to the misfortune of its visitors, and followers of its popular “Panda Cam” – which retransmitted images of the pandas of the zoo, and had to suspend its operations.



Five years ago, the Treasury dispatched 90% of its staff , according to the Center for American Progress. A total of 4,000 million in tax refunds were temporarily delayed, according to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Delivery by mail

Delivery by mail

Deliveries continued as usual because the US Postal Service does not receive tax dollars for daily operations.


Air and train travelers did not suffer a major impact because security officers and air traffic controllers remained on the job. Passport processing continued with some delays.



The federal courts, including the Supreme Court, remained open. The Administrative Office of the US Courts has explained that the federal courts could continue to function normally for approximately three weeks without additional funds.

Medical care

Medical care

Records of Obamacare’s newly created health insurance exchanges began as scheduled. The Medicare health insurance program for the elderly continued largely uninterrupted. Yes, a program was temporarily suspended at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track outbreaks of influenza. Hundreds of patients could not enroll in the clinical trials of the National Institutes of Health , according to the OMB.


Six programs of the federal infant education services, Head Start , were closed nine days in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Mississippi and South Carolina. 6,300 children were affected.

Social Security

Social Security and disability checks were issued with no change in payment dates and field offices remained open but offered limited services , and there were delays in the review process for new applicants.


Processing of mortgages and other loans was delayed when lenders could not access government services, such as income and verification of the Social Security number. The Small Business Administration was unable to process approximately 700 applications (a total of 140 million in loans) until the closure ended.